Caritas Czech Republic will improve access to healthcare for 3000 people in Lebanon
September 15, 2022 News

Caritas Czech Republic will improve access to healthcare for 3000 people in Lebanon

Lebanon is experiencing an economic crisis with a big social impact. The rising prices are affecting all sectors of society, including healthcare. Locals cannot afford expensive medical treatment and their health is deteriorating significantly. Caritas Czech Republic has launched a project to improve access to healthcare services. In total, we will help 3000 people for whom the situation is most critical.

People in Lebanon cannot afford expensive medical fees

Lebanon is currently going through an economic crisis that is often described as the most serious crisis of the 21st century. The Lebanese pound has lost up to 90 per cent of its value. The devaluation of the local currency has resulted in huge inflation and price increases. Price rises in all sectors are affecting the local population, almost 80 per cent of whom live in poverty.

The crisis has also affected the health sector. The situation is more critical because of the coronavirus pandemic and the arrival of Syrian refugees. At the same time, a large number of local hospitals are private. Neither the refugees nor the local population can afford expensive medical services, so they often turn to non-profit organisations, whose capacities are limited. Due to this situation, people often postpone necessary check-ups and surgeries which is deteriorating their health. Caritas Czech Republic, in cooperation with its local partner Caritas Lebanon, has therefore launched a project to ensure greater access to medical treatment.

Caritas will ensure medical help will reach the vulnerable groups, including children

We will ensure access to health care for vulnerable people

The newly launched project funded by the Czech Bishops' Conference will run for the next four months and will focus on helping at-risk groups such as people living in extreme poverty, children, the elderly, people with disabilities and people living in remote regions. We will provide access to medicines for 3000 people across the country.

To enable local hospitals to provide treatment for more people, Caritas Czech Republic will provide them with ultrasounds. We will also purchase a medicine-counting machine that will speed up their work and prevent pill contamination. Thanks to this equipment, help will reach more people in time.