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Iraq still suffers from the consequences of years of armed conflict and political turmoil. The country has been affected the most by the recent invasion of the self-proclaimed Islamic State which has forced millions of Iraqis to leave their homes. To this day, many people do not have adequate shelter, access to basic services, and not even a sufficient livelihood.  

Caritas Czech Republic has been operating in Iraq since 2015 and our work is gradually transitioning from providing immediate humanitarian aid to more permanent forms of aid, such as restoration of livelihoods and creation of new jobs. Our mission in Iraq quickly grew to become a stable branch with dozens of employees who operate in six Iraqi regions.

Restoration of Livelihoods

Iraq restoration of livelihoodsFor most Iraqi refugees, repatriation is very complicated because their original livelihoods were destroyed during the conflict. As such, many of them are dealing with existential problems. Specifically, Caritas Czech Republic supports returnees in restoration of economic activities and small businesses. For example, in the agricultural area of Nineveh, we build high-capacity greenhouses, provide farmers with seeds and equipment, and help to start small businesses in cities.

Providing Shelter

The armed conflict has been devastating for ordinary Iraqis. Up to six million people had to leave their homes due to the invasion of the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Many have been able to return; however, nearly two million Iraqis are still internally displaced or are dealing with damaged infrastructure and housing as returnees. Nevertheless, numerous internally displaced people live in refugee camps, which are often non official.

Iraq school meals

That is why we in Iraq help internally displaced persons and returnees by providing adequate shelter. Our aid comprises shelter repairs, providing materials for repairs, contribution towards rent, and providing essential equipment, such as heating sources.

School Meals for Children from Poor Families

For a number of poor families, getting food and medical care is more important than supporting children in compulsory schooling. Hungry children, however, have difficulties concentrating and they perform worse at school. In Iraq, we provide children from poor families with school meals for free. Through this, the number of pupils which regularly attend school has increased as well as their school performance. It also leads to a reduction in child labor. 


 Schoolgirls and boys will start enjoying a healthy meal in Kirkuk and Ninewa
January 24, 2022 CCR-Iraq

Schoolgirls and boys will start enjoying a healthy meal in Kirkuk and Ninewa

In Iraq, we partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Iraqi government to work together to improve the national education of local schoolchildren and assist local livelihoods through a school feeding programme. Thanks to the subsidized meals, school attendance will increase and most importantly, children will not go hungry during school hours.

Best of 2021 in Caritas Czech Republic in Iraq
January 11, 2022 CCR-Iraq

Best of 2021 in Caritas Czech Republic in Iraq

While the year 2021 presented obstacles in the form of economic crises and the Covid-19 pandemic in Iraq and throughout the world, it was also a year of expansion, development, progress, and tremendous achievement in our efforts to serve the community and those in need. We have worked on livelihood, shelter, school feeding, and agriculture projects throughout Iraqi Kurdistan and Federal Iraq. Additionally, we have seen an increase in the number of professional employees who have been willing to put their skills to work and serve the community to the best of their abilities in order to accomplish our field initiatives.   Read along as we count down the top 5 Caritas Czech Republic memories and accomplishments in Iraq in 2021.

Azad and his siblings are now diligently working in their greenhouse
December 13, 2021 CCR-Iraq

Azad and his siblings are now diligently working in their greenhouse

Azad Kreik was born in Bashiqa and resides in a house with his wife, children, brothers, and mother with his family of roughly 17 people. They reside in an orchard they created after their property was burned down by ISIS. They cultivate olive trees in the orchard, and Bashiqa is known for its olive groves and pickles production.  In the open space between the trees, they also grow many veggies. His brother Ziyad, his children, and a few friends assist him in his farming endeavors. As a result, they also share their agricultural and crop-harvesting experiences.

Juwan wants to help her husband and provide a decent life for her children
December 12, 2021 CCR-Iraq

Juwan wants to help her husband and provide a decent life for her children

Juwan, a 32-year-old woman from Anbar Governorate's Heet District, lives with her husband, son, and daughter. She is a stay-at-home mother who occasionally produces handicrafts to assist her husband. Juwan learned about the Anbar Cash for Work project from her relatives. She decided to apply for this initiative as she needed money to support her family.