Make your loved ones happy this Christmas while helping people in need. Caritas Czech Republic launches Meaningful Gift
November 22, 2022 News

Make your loved ones happy this Christmas while helping people in need. Caritas Czech Republic launches Meaningful Gift

This Christmas, Caritas Czech Republic is coming with a new possibility for all those who want to present their loved ones with a Meaningful Gift. This gift will not only bring joy, but it will also give people in need a chance for a better life.  You can choose from a range of meaningful gifts, such as support for schooling, beekeeping courses for rural people in poor countries, or self-sufficiency for women.

It makes sense

Advent is just around the corner and people are starting to think about what to give their loved ones for Christmas this year. The best gifts not only bring joy, they are also meaningful. Caritas Czech Republic is offering such gifts for the first time this year. Meaningful Gift offers people the opportunity to bring joy and happiness this Christmas and at the same time give people in need a chance for a better life.


Eman from Iraq longed for self-sufficiency. She has always wanted to become a tailor. However, getting on their own two feet is not easy for women in Iraq. Thanks to Caritas Czech Republic, Eman learned how to run her own business, and received a small grant to get started. Today, this mother of 5 is a sought-after tailor and helps provide for her family. By getting a Meaningful Gift this Christmas, people can help those like Eman.

The Meaningful Gift support people like Eman

How Meaningful Giving helps

There are many people in the world who are just a small step away from self-sufficiency. What they are lacking is something as small as basic farming tools, essential business skills and financial literacy, or even the opportunity to go to school. Meaningful Gift offers just that to help them overcome the initial limitations. It helps people start their own businesses, begin farming, or secure another sustainable livelihood.

Bupe is a small-scale 62-year-old farmer, who lives in Zambia. Until recently, he was able to make a living by growing crops. However, climate change has taken away Bupe's ability to support himself and his family.  A bag of special drought-resistant seeds and training in drought-resistant cultivation techniques can help provide a livelihood for small farmers. The Bupe family is now able to withstand the changing climate much better, and have food on their table all year round.

We help farmers in Zambia to get back on their feet

How it works

Getting a Meaningful Gift is easy, so people can get all Christmas gifts in a few minutes online on Simply choose from the Meaningful Gifts menu, pay and then just print the gift certificate, wrap it and give it to your loved ones under the tree. Help people like Eman or Mr. Bupe get back on their feet and give a Meaningful Gift this Christmas. It makes sense!